Glamour: Just Jewelry

Glamour: Jordanna, describe your role at Jennifer Fisher.

Jordanna Oslac, PR manager: "I am the in-house PR and sample manager. On a daily basis, I work directly with magazine editors, celebrities, and stylists to pull items they need for photo shoots or red carpet appearances. I also work on social media for Jennifer Fisher, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest." 

  • Glamour: For a girl just starting out stacking, what would you suggest she buy?

    JO: "I love the Stud cuff and VIP cuff. It all depends on your personal style, but for a girl just starting out stacking, the Stud cuff is really versatile and can be worn alone or with other jewelry. The VIP cuff is undeniably cool. I was dying for it even before I started working at JF."

Glamour: What's one way you transition your jewelry from day to night?

JO: "For night I like to wear a stack of bracelets on one wrist and a statement piece on the other. I'm obsessed with the Grate cuff, which can easily dress up an outfit because of its size."

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